Health Benefits

How walking football helps you!

Walking football isn’t just fun, it’s also great for your health! It’s meant to be a form of light exercise for over 50s, particularly those that are unable to play more intensive sports due to age, injuries or disabilities. 

Participants that want to lose weight or become more toned will see positive changes in themselves due to the calorie-burning element of this sport. It’s likely that players will start to have less fat and more muscle, as well as improved bone density and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

It also promotes social interaction, which is especially helpful for adults who are shy or lonely. People who struggle with depression, or other mental health conditions, will feel the benefits as they will have the endorphins that exercise naturally brings, as well as the ability to meet and interact with new friends. Regular socialisation mixed with physical exercise can be a useful combination for anyone who is battling a mental illness.

Lastly, it also can boost the self-confidence of its players. For someone who is unable to play normal football or other sports, whether due to age, disability or injury, being able to have a sport of their own to play can be a wonderful feeling. 



-Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease & stroke
-Improved blood pressure
-Lowered cholesterol


-Improved bone density
-Improved postural balance

Mental Health

-Reduced levels of stress and anxiety -Improved self-confidence
-Can help with depression, especially in isolated people

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