About Us

Our Mission

Walking Football Nottingham’s aim is to get over 50s back into sports and exercise while doing so safely. The sport is mainly aimed at those who either want to get into football or back into it after injury or extended absence from the game.

It is a form of light exercise that is also lots of fun, and you will make new friendships along the way! There are a variety of proven health benefits to the game, which can be seen below. We believe every generation should have access to playing sports competitively!

This slow-paced version of the beautiful games is a gerat way for the over 50s to get active. make friends and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. There are opportunities to play competitively in organised tournaments or simply just socialise and have fun reconnecting with the game.


Extraordinary Health Benefits

Click the link below to see more of the many health benefits – physical as well as mental – that walking football provides. #walkingfootballsbrilliant

Our Core Values

Here at Walking Football Nottingham, we are bringing the beautiful game back to those who thought they could no longer play, whether it be due to age, disability, fitness, injury or any other reason. It’s a slow-paced version of football that allows those older in age to enjoy competitive sports once more. We welcome all, and can’t wait to have you join us!

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