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It’s been about 6 weeks that I started walking football. I’m concerned about my weight, diet and potential type 2 diabetes. I played football until I was 50 and then hung up my boots. I’m now 66 and I want to thank you sincerely for reintroducing me to football through the walking football we play on Wednesday.


You are very encouraging and you make us all feel part of a group. There is a smashing spirit that you have clearly created. You mix fun competition and technique in a way which I really appreciate. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks.


Please, by all means,  pass this email on to those who might appreciate some feedback.



All the best,


14th August 2019

I have been playing walking football now for the past 6 months at the Nottingham Forest Sports Zone.


I find the set up to be very professional, with a friendly atmosphere amongst all those who attend.


The Manager Elvis Ricci makes the training enjoyable, to the point that I dont treat it as exercise, it is to me an hour of fun, football training and learning the game. Since going I have become much fitter and have lost weight - I now play at least twice a week.


I intend to carry on playing this game at NFSZ. I will be 60 years old in 2 weeks time - I hope to keep playing for many years to come.


I would encourage ANYONE to come along on a Wednesday morning and have a go!



28th August 2019