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Drinkaware Cup 25th July 2018 Steve Bloomer Pitches Derby

Drinkaware Cup 2018 (25)

Drinkaware Cup 2018

Wednesday 25th July saw Walking Football Teams flock from across England to compete for the inaugural Drinkaware Cup.


Racecourse Playing Fields in Derby became the setting for the first annual Walking Football Cup sponsored by Drinkaware and hosted by Derby County Community Trust.


Walking Football teams from football clubs across England travelled to compete for the Cup, including Sheffield Wednesday, Heanor, Nottingham Forest and QPR.


As the teams battled it out in the roaring sun, the competition grew just as fierce; after 11 games were played, QPR and Forest went to penalties to determine who were top of the league.


QPR faced the Derby B team for a place in the final, while Forest took on Heanor Strollers in the semi finals.


Forest were the final victors with a 4 – 0 win over QPR,

with Law and Ricci scoring two apiece.

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